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Serial Watcher

It is the utility named Serial Watcher created for receiving and sending data to and from the serial port. Data to be sent can be entered in ASCII string or hexadecimal format. Receiving data is automatically shown as an ASCII string and in hexadecimal format. Received data can be saved. Receiving data is fragmented to messages based on data receiving delay between the bytes. The delay is settable from 10 to 500 ms.


  • There is an option to send and receive data to and from the serial line
  • The data (to be sent as well as received) is shown in text (ASCII) and hexadecimal format
  • The incoming data can be fragmented into messages
  • The incoming data can be saved
  • It is possible to select the arbitrary serial line and its communication speed
  • Fixed setting is: 8 bits, without parity, 1 stop bit

Free to download

It is possible to download fully functional SerialWatcher application (it is freeware).

Standalone executable EXE file (installation is not required) - SerialWatcher_v100.exe
ZIP archive containing standalone executable EXE file (installation is not required) -

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