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Window Blinds Client

Window Blinds Client is one of a total of two applications of a project intended for window blinds electronic control. The first one application called server is the application for an Embedded Linux device for the physical control of window blind stepping motors. The second one application called client is the application for Desktop Windows and Android for the network communication with the server and the setting the window blind positions.


  • It is possible to window blinds remote control
  • An arbitrary window blinds count can be controlled
  • There is possibility to group control
  • It can be set window blind positions time plan (specific window blinds will automatically set the position at the time)

The server application:

  • It contains the window blinds calibration function
  • The server application can control arbitrary stepping motor type
  • The communication between the server and client application is realized by Berkeley UDP sockets
  • All of the client application instances are automatically notified at the window blind position changing (there is the function for the synchronization between the all client application instances)

The client application:

  • It is possible to user configure the application naming, control shortcuts, the application GUI setting and the like
  • It is multi-platform (currently it supports Desktop Windows and Android)
  • The application can be completely hide into the system tray (window blinds control is preserver in hidden state, the control can be done with the set key shortcuts and with the gestures)

Free to download

It is possible to download both applications source codes from GitHub server.

The client application written in C# (.NET 3.5) -
The server application written under Qt Framework in C++ (community version 5.3.2) -

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