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Task List

The main goal of Task List application is the most effective connection of task management and daily attendance. The application is intended for recording tasks and its management and prioritization and reflecting tasks in a calendar. Based on task settings, tasks are automatically updated and daily attendance is generated.

Task list module features:

  • It is possible to enter any number of tasks
  • Each task can have any number of sub-tasks
  • Each task as well as sub-task can have arbitrarily long description
  • Tasks and sub-tasks prioritization can be done by drag and drop function
  • Done attribute can be set for each task and subtask. Completed tasks and sub-tasks are hidden by default. The tasks and sub-tasks can be displayed
  • Each task as well as sub-task can be edited and deleted
  • Specific project can be set for each task
  • Estimated time to solve a task (in man-hours) and estimated daily percentage of work on a task can be set
  • Every tasks are reflected in a calendar (based on task settings the application automatically estimates when will be each task solving and when will be each task probably solved)

Daily attendance module features:

  • There is a function for automatic and manual counting of hours worked and automatic subtraction of the tasks man-hours left (based on task settings)
  • Daily activities (it should correspond the tasks) are automatically recorded
  • It is possible to manually re-enter hours worked
  • There is an option to record an activity (a task) has been already done (a task has never been on the task list) - it is for example some unexpected meeting
  • It counts the total hours worked (it creates monthly reports)
  • It counts daily and monthly hourly deviations from the standard working hours (it is possible to see the positive and negative hours)

Export options:

  • An option to export daily attendance to CSV
  • An option to export the automatic generated calendar (task plan) and daily attendance to HTML (the export runs automatically)

The application usage example

Free to download

It is possible to download fully functional 30-day trial version. Notice: 30-day trial version requires internet connection - the license is assigned by web server - the licence assignation may extend the application start.

Standalone executable EXE file (installation is not required) - TaskList_v1.0.5.exe
ZIP archive containing standalone executable EXE file (installation is not required) -

To buy

The online payment system is not ready now. Please contact me for payment methods.

Full version, it is possible to buy for 1.99,- .

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