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It is a universal system intended for time measuring (stopwatch function) and for the actual time showing (clock function). The system is digit-based and modular. Each one digit can show each information. Digits are assembled into panels. All digits as well as panels are connected by two wires only. The wires are used for the power supply and also for the communication. All digits are controlled by the central control PCB and the central control PCB is controlled by an arbitrary IR remote control. For the easy setting the central control PCB contains 8x2 alphanumerical display.


  • It is a modular system
  • The main function is a time measuring (stopwatch) with the 0.01 s accuracy with the possibility to set the countdown and possibility of measuring time show (there is a possibility to stop the measuring time changing for a while)
  • There is a clock function also (it is not accurate because of absence of RTC)

The digit PCB:

  • Each one digit PCB contains 7 segments for the number showing and the colon
  • There are 128 LEDs per the one digit PCB (total luminosity reaches 40 cd it is well readable even in daylight)
  • There is a possibility to set what the digit PCB show

The PCB contains a digit:

  • The maximum count of the connected digit PCB is 18
  • There is a possibility to control it by arbitrary IR remote control (supported protocols are RC-5, NEC and IrDA)
  • For the setting there is 8x2 alphanumerical display
  • It contains overcurrent protection (it is a protection against the short-circuit)
  • There is acoustic signalization of set events (102 dB)

Secondary panel function showing

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