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Linux Symbolic Link Remover

The application was created because of the references replacement need after the files converted from ext3 to NTFS file system by MiniTool Partition Wizard tool. The application replaces the references by its copies.


  • The application was designed for recursive looks for the links and replaces them by the targeting file copy (the application is designed especially for the replacing the links after the ext3 to NTFS file system conversion by MiniTool Partition Wizard utility)
  • The looking for the links repeats until the links exist (sometimes the targeting file contains the link to another file)

Free to download

It is possible to download fully functional LinuxSymbolicLinkRemover application (it is freeware).

Standalone executable EXE file (installation is not required) - LinuxSymbolicLinkRemover.exe
ZIP archive containing standalone executable EXE file (installation is not required) -

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