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Home Pasteurizer V2

Home Pasteurizer V2 is the second iteration of a construction for milk pasteurization by HTST method. It is a complex solution covers everything from hardware and mechanical design to software design. Everything was realized according to its design. The unit was tested with the conclusion that the unit is ready to use for milk pasteurization by HTST method. Pasteurization speed is about 0.6 liter per hour.


  • HTST method milk pasteurization
  • Milk pasteurization is batch processed
  • Pasteurization speed is about 0.6 liter per hour
  • Input and output reservoirs have 0.5 liter capacity
  • Pasteurization process is fully automatic
  • The unit contains display with touch panel and fully graphical user interface

Heat exchangers are intended to milk heating and cooling:

  • Each one heat exchanger is composed of two milled parts
  • Material EN AW 6082
  • Anodized

The elements of the supporting structure:

  • All of the parts are from aluminum alloy material
  • Thickness of the material is 2 mm
  • Bending radius is 2,6 mm
  • Toleration is 1 mm

Input and output reservoirs and air tank were made from parts regularly used for oil separation from the air systems.


  • 16 bit MCU from Microchip company
  • Graphical display with touch panel from 4D Systems company
  • 2-layer PCB
  • External EEPROM
  • 4 inputs intended for PT100 temperature sensors
  • 3 universal analog inputs
  • 2 inputs intended for RPM ventilator monitoring
  • 1 input intended for flow monitoring
  • 4 analog outputs
  • 3 power PWM outputs (up to 20 A per each one channel)
  • 6 digital outputs (up to 1 A per each one channel)


  • It is written in the C programming language
  • It contains user and service interface

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