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Home Pasteurizer V1

Home Pasteurizer V1 is an experimental construction that was created for verification of requirements for milk pasteurization by HTST method. It was also created in order to obtain all of the information necessary to create Home Pasteurizer V2. The unit unfortunately never has reached the HTST requirements for milk pasteurization, but it has provided conclusions for the Home Pasteurizer V2 design. Mechanics, hardware and also software were designed and realized in according the described purpose.


  • HTST method milk pasteurization (WARNING: The unit doesn't respect all the requirements on HTST method milk pasteurization)
  • Milk pasteurization is continuously processed
  • Pasteurization speed is about 2 liter per hour
  • Input and output reservoirs have 1.5 liter capacity
  • Pasteurization process is fully automatic
  • The unit contains display with fully graphical user interface and a set of mechanical buttons

Everything from the heat exchangers intended to milk heating and cooling to the elements of the supporting structure were made from shelf components (nothing was custom made).

User interface:

  • Screen A „welcome“ contains HW and FW versions and the unit actual state (self-test result)
  • Screen B „process“ is the screen intended for the pasteurization process control (by the buttons it is possible to individually control the regulation loops or it is possible to control pasteurization process as a whole – „Start“ button turns on all the regulation loops, it means the pasteurization process starts, „Stop“ button turns off all of the regulation loops)
  • Screen C „config“ contains the user interface and pasteurization process settings (it contains the button to start the calibration process)
  • Screen D „status“ is the screen contains more pages, each page shows some information about the HW state (under the prefix „I:“ we can see the values read from HW and under the prefix „O:“ we can see the set values)

Hardware – the control PCB from DIL parts side:

  1. ICSP interface (for the secondary MCU – for the RPM measuring)
  2. ICSP interface (for the primary MCU – for the unit control)
  3. User input interface
  4. Pasteurization process indication LE diode
  5. Graphical LC display containing 128x64 pixels
  6. Relay intended to the E/P valves switching
  7. Acoustic signalization
  8. External I2C EEPROM
  9. Trimmer intended for the 5 V reference adjusting
  10. External A/D convertors
  11. Power supply part
  12. Universal development field
  13. Connectors intended for connection of the outputs and inputs
  14. Power supply connector

Hardware – the control PCB from SMD parts side:

  1. Primary 16 bits MCU from Microchip company
  2. Secondary 8 bits MCU from Microchip company
  3. LM324 operation amplifier
  4. PCA9685 for PWM generation
  5. MC33171 operation amplifier (intended for the LC display contrast adjusting)
  6. The IRRL014 type output switching transistors (N channel)
  7. Protection grounded plate

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