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Flow Meter

It is a single purpose construction for signalization of a diesel car oil consumption. The construction works together with two flow meters. The first one measures how much oil is pumped from the tank and the second one measures how much oil is returned to the tank. Actual consumption (the difference of these two flow meters) is signalized by seven LEDs in the interval from 0.7 liter to 31.4 liter per hour.


  • It measures the oil consumption of diesel cars by two flow meters (the first one measuring what is pumped from the tank and the second one measuring what is returned to the tank)
  • Indication is realized by seven indication LEDs
  • There is also a digital output signalize the actual consumption (1 impulse per 100 ml or 1 impulse per 1 liter)
  • The program is designed for flow meters generating 1880 impulses per liter

Indication LEDs:

  • LED 1 (green) = 0.7 liter per hour
  • LED 2 (green) = 1.5 liter per hour
  • LED 3 (green) = 2.2 liter per hour
  • LED 4 (orange) = 4.4 liter per hour
  • LED 5 (orange) = 8.9 liter per hour
  • LED 6 (red) = 16.1 liter per hour
  • LED 7 (red) = 31.4 liter per hour

Free to download

It is possible to download fully functional microcontroller unit firmware (it is freeware).

Firmware in Intel HEX format for PIC16F84 microcontroller unit - FlowMeter_v1.2.hex

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