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Ethernet Communicator

It is a device that has been already fully replaced by the most functional and low price commercial products. The device uses PCI Ethernet card to communicate through 16 configurable GPIO and 2 serial lines. The configuration can be done by a simple web interface.


  • It is primarily designed for PCI network cards with Realtek chips (RTL8139/810x)
  • The communication is realized at UDP or TCP sockets layer
  • It supports UDP and TCP transport layer protocols
  • It supports ICMP, ARP, RARP and IP network protocols
  • It uses the Ethernet network interface layer
  • The maximum serial line communication speed is 115200 b/s (for the serial communication it is necessary to use TCP socket)
  • The communication is realized by a text pipeline channel (it is possible to easily implement it on the PC side)
  • Windows API SDK is included

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