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Day Running Light

Day Running Light is a unit intended to use highlight beams as daytime running lights. The using does not require any addition car exterior modifications.

The unit was created together with my colleague and friend who was working on hardware.


  • Is is possible to use the unit with any car containing standard highlight beams (I mean no Bi-Xenons and highlight beams like that)
  • Standard highlight beams with reduced light intensity are used for daytime running lights
  • Highlight beams light intensity is settable because of different types of highlight beams
  • Highlight beams in daytime running light mode are turned on automatically after the engine starts (the lights do not shine before the engine starts)
  • Highlight beams in daytime running light mode are turned off automatically when parking lights or dipped lights are turned on
  • Highlight beams flashing function is preserved
  • Daytime running light dimming on turn signal function is implemented

The example of Day Running Light function - Skoda Octavia

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