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CPU load

CPU load also called Heater is a „gadget“ type application and I think the application can be used in normal use (for example, if we want to load all CPU cores to 100% and the like). The application regulates CPU temperature to a set value (by a simple ON-OFF regulator). The application was primarily created for the purpose of heating myself by the CPU cooler hot air during the cold winter evenings.


  • It regulates the CPU temperature at the set level
  • It creates so many threads how many the CPU contains COREs (the application can load CPU at 100%)
  • The regulation is based on stopping and resuming the threads (the regulator is ON-OFF based and it uses OpenHardwareMonitorLib library)
  • It shows the actual CPU temperature and the regulator state

Free to download

It is possible to download fully functional Heater application (it is freeware).

ZIP archive containing standalone executable EXE file and dynamic linking OpenHardwareMonitorLib library (installation is not required) -

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